Making every
communication matter

Delivering communications that differentiate your brand –
reliably and sustainably.

Communications that inspire action

Whether the purpose is to update your customers on their bookings, balances or potential disruptions and whether the goal is to confirm their purchase, ensuring they pay on time or safeguarding them, quality communications underpin every successful organisation.
Our communication solutions are purpose-built to optimise all communication journeys, leveraging the latest innovative technology to address the most common challenges facing businesses today.

Top brands choose d-flo’s ‘Comms’ solutions

We help some of the best global brands make their communications matter.
Our ‘Comms’ solutions allow our clients to create, deliver and track
their communications reliably and sustainably.

A mobile travel app purposefully built to be customised at every level.

From booking to preparing, the TravelComms Travel App integrates seamlessly with the TravelComms platform to deliver the most personalised digital customer journeys available on the market today.

Set your business apart when you provide your guests with the most personalised mobile travel experiences. Provide your guests a unique mobile-app experience – at the cost of a white label app.

Communications with a carbon conscience.

For us, sustainability isn’t a post-script…it’s intrinsic in everything we do.
Thanks to our Tree[3] sustainability initiative, our clients can be certain their communications are delivered in line
with their values.

Through supporting a wide range of carbon reduction projects we ensure every communication sent via our services are carbon offset AND contribute towards new tree planting. Enabling our clients to share this and educate their customers, suppliers and business partners makes every communication matter.

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What our clients say about us

All the d-flo team we have worked with understood the urgency and the issues very quickly and became an integral part of our transformation project. Since then they have delivered in the timeframe we want, with no ambiguity.


CEVA needed a dependable partner to handle our global freight documents, the wide experience of d-flo has enabled them to provision a seamless service to our business generating the millions of documents we need annually.


Thanks to d-flo’s years of travel expertise and integration experience we’re really pleased to be able to offer our new holidays customers’ booking and disruption communications which reflect the easyJet personality and brand.

easyJet Holidays

We were very impressed with d-flo’s strong understanding of the cruise sector and their platform’s flexibility in producing documentation relevant and unique which is critical in demonstrating the intimate experience we provide.

Lindblad Expeditions
Ceva Logistics 1
EasyJet Holidays
Havila Voyages
Lindblad Expeditions

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