Turn your customers’ interest into intent and their intent into bookings

Interest is borne from inspiration and generally created by effective marketing. Seizing the opportunities that arise from this effort and investment is a major determining factor of business success; particularly within the travel industry.
Incorporating intelligent automation into the quote-to-booking process can accelerate actions, minimise manual intervention and turn interest into bookings.
From the very first interaction with someone looking to travel, TravelComms provides a compelling proposition to drive booking conversions by:


Successful personalisation programs can yield a 10 to 15 percent boost in sales-conversion rates.

  • Combining enquiry information with associated rich content to generate stunning, ultra-personalised communications that inspire and inform.
  • Delivering quotes and follow-up communications across multiple digital channels to connect with each potential customer in their chosen way.
  • Tracking engagement, sentiment and intent to identify each potential customer’s level of interest and to automatically determine next actions.
  • Nurturing each potential customer automatically with relevant information and inspiring content sent at the right time and via the right channel.

The documentation produced by d-flos’ TravelComms platform are engaging, informative and ensure brand consistency. They also highlight our unique selling points and place our specialist teams front and centre within our messaging, thus creating a bond between customer and staff.

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