Take care of your customers and your reputation

Delays, cancellations and changes are sadly a fact of life with today’s many uncertainties. Pre-empting and proactively informing to safeguard and contain customer frustration is essential in protecting customers and brand reputation.

Integrating disruption communications seamlessly with reservation data can deliver personalisation, minimise back-office processing and take care of customers.
With the ever-present reality of uncertainty, TravelComms provides a critical solution to minimise customer disruption by:


32% of customers would avoid a company after just one poor experience.

  • Utilising real-time reservation data to identify, filter and personalise meaningful communications targeted to each recipient – instantly and effectively.
  • Delivering disruption communications, follow-ups and reminders across multiple digital channels to connect with each customer in their chosen way.
  • Sending personalised messaging – including content and attachments – relating to each individual recipient, their booking and itinerary.
  • Tracking the delivery, engagement and potentially acknowledgement of communications to determine level of risk and appropriate next actions.

We’ve been quick to respond to changing travel rules, updates to travel corridors and news, providing our customers with clear information and reassurance. And able to do this effectively thanks to TravelComms, powered by our booking data and supported by a passionate team.

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