Learn how we maximise cross-selling, up-selling and advocacy from your communications - with the help of intelligent automation.

It’s a well-known fact that maximising revenue from existing customers is far easier and cost-effective than acquiring new ones.

And the most efficient way of doing this? A streamlined, automated process that promotes the products and services relevant to each existing customer.

Incorporating this up-sell into your transactional communications maximises the opportunity with your captive recipient audience, enabling you to increase customer lifetime value.

At d-flo, we help you incorporate promotions within your communications to drive additional revenue.

d-flo enabled a large tour operator to increase their up-sales revenue by 365% over that of their marketing platform.

100% data driven, our platforms use your customer data to:​

  • Target the right product or service – targeting additional products or services relevant to each individual customer, whether B2B or B2C.
  • Communicate using the right channel – communicating using each customer’s preferred channel, whether offline or digital.
  • Deliver at the right time – delivering them at the right stage in the customer journey, whether as a new or as part of an existing one.
  • Optimise your process – analysing customer engagement and being able to optimise the process, whether individually or for all customers.

More customers are looking to book holiday add-ons and the revenue can be tremendous. Making it easy for the client to do so is one of the key aims for sales and TravelComms has provided us with this opportunity. The results to date have been amazing.

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