Build stronger customer loyalty and grow your business

A huge amount of effort goes into ensuing customers have a happy holiday and memorable experiences. Leveraging the opportunities from this and the goodwill afforded can work wonders for amplifying your brand and new-found ambassadors.
Utilising automated intelligence for customer feedback can increase response rates, streamline back-office processing and build customer loyalty.
Using feedback from valued customers, TravelComms provides the automation to maximise customer advocacy for your business by:


93% of customers read online reviews before buying a product.

  • Nurturing customers with personalised and relevant digital CSQ’s to provide feedback on their experiences and gaining consent for reuse in marketing.
  • Capturing feedback for NPS, CSAT and CES scoring, sharing via reporting or dashboards and routing to internal teams to turn insight into action.
  • Responding to customers individually based on their feedback to drive referral and repeat bookings (where positive) and for damage mitigation (where not).
  • Aggregating positive feedback (where approved) to use relevantly and meaningfully during the quote process to drive new bookings and customers.

With a response rate of over 50%, the valuable customer insight is being turned into valuable actions – to improve our customer satisfaction for each of our equally important internal customer services and similarly with our contracted hotel and airline partners.

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