The Paris Agreement’s goal is to limit global warming to 1.5ºC, and at d-flo, we’re changing our entire business to make sure that we contribute in every way we can.

Our sustainability commitments go beyond mere policy. We’ve put our environmental responsibilities at the core of everything we do, making tangible changes to operate with the minimum  of impact.

As a business, we made a commitment during 2022 to become carbon-neutral by the end of the year. Partnering with Positive Planet to undertake detailed carbon accounting and analysis of our footprint our efforts were rewarded with us being certified as a carbon negative company. We remain continuously committed to the IEMA carbon management hierarchy, prioritising avoidance and reduction before replacing and offsetting.

IEMA carbon management hierarchy
  • Avoiding
    Assessing and rationalising our business processes to fundamentally avoid unnecessary emissions.
  • Reducing
    Reducing unnecessary business travel and consequently reducing unnecessary emissions.
  • Replacing
    Ensuring all our suppliers share the same commitment to reducing unnecessary emissions.
  • Offsetting
    Offsetting the company’s and each team member’s professional and personal carbon footprint.

Sustainability is now fundamental to d-flo’s business. It’s the biggest change to the business since its inception, and we hope that what we’re doing provides a benchmark and model that can be replicated across the industry and beyond.

Colin Brimson
CEO and Co-founder of d-flo

Working collectively with our clients

We’re not stopping with our sustainability commitments to what happens within d-flo. Given that our business is communications, we can’t overlook the importance of the decarbonisation of digital communications and the ability to help our clients communicate and educate their customers.

Now, thanks to our Tree[3] initiative, every communication we send on behalf of our clients has a positive impact on the environment. This is not something that is opt-in, it’s intrinsic to our service and undertaken on behalf of all of our clients that use our communication delivery services. In a world where corporate sustainability is being scrutinised like never before, we’re making it easy for our clients to stand proudly in the fight against climate change.

d-flo Tree[3] logo
Total Carbon Offset
(to date since early 2022)
Total Trees Planted
(to date since early 2022)
1,238t 116,493

d-flo Sponsors The Last Ride Project

We’re also excited to be sponsoring The Last Ride project, an ambitious first in global ski mountaineering and an exploratory documentary investigating the catastrophic deglaciation. A project that couldn’t be more suited to the travel industry and our commitment to sustainability.

Want to see the Tree[3] impact?

Visit our ecologi profile page to see our forest and positive impact