Introducing our
Tree[3] Initiative

Through our TravelComms, FinancialComms and CrisisComms solutions, we enable our clients to communicate business-critical information to their customers at their preferred time and via their preferred channel.

The acceleration of digital transformation has had a monumental effect on the volume of and reliance on digital communications. A direct benefit of this has been the reduction of printing and paper consumption. As a result, there has never been a better time to help our clients deliver on their sustainability commitments and involve their customers too.

The Tree[3] Initiative

Tree[3] unites three parties – d-flo, its clients and their customers – and comprises three key elements – carbon offsetting for the immediacy, tree-planting for the future and the company’s services to collectively share the combined impact. The third element that contributes to Tree[3] is the lesser-known mathematical theorem which equates to a number with similar enormity in scale to the climate crisis. What has become obvious is that everything has a carbon impact, including emails and SMSs. Whilst individually lower than traditional printed documents, they soon add up considerably and therefore need to be factored into our carbon calculations and offsetting.

Our Commitment

From 2022, d-flo will offset the carbon emitted from every digital communication sent by each of our clients and donate a percentage of all new contract revenue to reforestation – for the lifetime of the contract.

Through a partnership with Ecologi, a UK-based social enterprise that supports a wide range of carbon reduction and global tree planting projects. With each one being certified at the very highest level by the WWF established Gold Standard or similar organisation ensures they meet the highest levels of environmental integrity.

Providing full transparency into their public impact along with their operations and financials provides all parties with the confidence of our combined investment.

d-flo Limited in partnership with Ecologi

Want to see the Tree[3] impact?

Visit our ecologi profile page to see our forest and positive impact