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The information you capture about your customers is essential in developing meaningful relationships with them. Understanding who they are, their interests and buying habits enables you to create relevance in your marketing and is often the key differentiator in building customer loyalty and business success.

Incorporating this powerful information into your customer communications throughout the booking journey will ensure they – and their content – are uniquely personalised. Conversely, using your communications to capture additional information about each customer can strengthen your knowledge of them and generate unrivalled customer value.

TravelComms HubSpot integration

Aggregating CRM information with TravelComms

Connecting directly with your CRM, TravelComms can automatically aggregate customer information to create communications with contextual meaning that drive greater engagement. This relationship-building power can be further extended when TravelComms is used to capture information specific to deliver greater personalisation.

Integrating with the embedded CRM capabilities of CRS systems and best-of breed systems including Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, we have made customer data intrinsic to the many of our TravelComms solutions. This unique capability can help you deliver a resonating customer experience.

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