Producing stunning travel documentation from any customer reservation system.

Fundamental to any of our communication solutions is data. And when it comes to a TravelComms solution – the customer booking data processed and managed by your Computerised Reservation System (CRS).

Comprising all the details relating to customer bookings, this essential information needs to be communicated individually to each customer. And if you intend to wow them with additional rich and relevant content from other sources then it’s likely that you will exceed the capabilities of your CRS.

Seamlessly integrating with your CRS, TravelComms transforms the standard output into powerful communications, and linking stored copies to the bookings in the CRS. From an internal operational perspective, this streamlines IT services and delivers efficiency to your contact centre.

TravelComms Versonix integration

Integrating TravelComms with your CRS

TravelComms provides extensive integration capabilities making it completely CRS agnostic. With the ability to consume event-driven “pushed” data or potentially “pulling” it – via APIs, Web Services, Message Queues, iPaaS platforms or reading directly from databases – TravelComms offers a multitude of options to best suit your CRS and your integration preferences.

We have implemented numerous TravelComms solutions for Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, Cruise Lines and Ferry Operators. And in doing so, worked with many of the most established and leading CRS systems, including: ATCOM, Compass, Extrali (formerly Traveller), Tigerbay, Travelink, and Seaware. Additionally, we have implemented solutions with a number of boutique and inhouse developed systems, often by developing custom APIs. So, whatever CRS you are using you can be assured we can deliver a fully integrated solution.

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